Partnership Law 
Book Reviews

Partnership Law by Dr. Michael Twomey is published by Butterworths (2000) (ISBN 1-85475-885-1). It is the first Irish textbook on this important area of law. It is both comprehensive and practical and has received the following national and international reviews to date:


        “a magnificent achievement…..his overview of partnership law in all Commonwealth jurisdictions is invaluable” New Law Journal (UK)


        “a book which no law library in a common law jurisdiction should be without” Solicitors Journal (UK)


        “an encyclopaedic work….and detailed reference for all aspects of partnership law” Australian Journal of Corporate Law


        “Michael Twomey’s guide to Irish partnership law fills the need for a single comprehensive guide to the law as it has developed in Ireland” Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly


         “an excellent guide to the law of partnership which is wholly accessible, clear and analytical” - former Supreme Court Chief Justice, Mr Justice Tom Finlay


        a major work on Irish law by a resourceful and skilled practitioner and author, Michael Twomey”: Attorney General, Mr Michael McDowell SC


        “fills a huge gap in Irish textbook writing, it also represents a quite remarkable contribution to the study of partnership law in general.” Bar Review


        “a book which deserves to be purchased by all members of the legal profession and all others who are involved in or study this area of law.” Law Society Gazette


        “Twomey’s book is the first comprehensive treatment of partnership law in either Ireland or Northern Ireland and as such is well worth adding to your library shelves” Accountancy Ireland


        “An excellent publication which features more than 1000 cases……and I have no hesitation in recommending this book to academics, accountants, practising lawyers, taxation consultants and the judiciary.” ACCA Ireland


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